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Super Minds Level 6 Teacher's Book is back and is super charged! From the same renowned author team, Super Minds second edition is thoroughly updated, enhanced and ready to teach your students so much more than English. Aligned to the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework, the course has a particular focus on developing critical and creative thinking skills, as well as three key cognitive control functions for young learners. It combines a rich learning experience with the latest pedagogical research. Students enjoy exciting adventures with the intrepid characters, with creative projects, authentic CLIL projects and extensive skills practice along the way to B1. The second edition is supported by a comprehensive and enriching digital package in Cambridge One, including big screen style animations and Practice Extra for home use.

The Super Minds Level 6 Teacher's Book features the Student’s Book pages interleaved on each spread, ensuring that your classroom experience is as smooth as possible. It includes activity-by-activity mapping to critical and creative thinking strands of the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework, as well as to cognitive control functions.

Teacher's Digital Pack - Presentation Plus provides page-faithful reproductions of the Student’s Book and Workbook and includes :

  • Hotspots to audio and video content and interactive reproductions of activities
  • Interactive games and digital flashcards
  • Quick and easy access to the Teacher’s Book notes corresponding to the Student’s Book or Workbook page.

Teacher Resources include :

  • A wide range of downloadable, photocopiable activities
  • Teacher’s notes, parent’s notes and answer keys for the Super Practice Book
  • Access to all the course audio and video.

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