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Designed for young learners, Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives Stage 2 Learner's Skills Book with Digital Access, ignites curiosity and develops important 21st century skills. With engaging projects like recording a podcast, making and presenting informative displays and exploring ways how to reduce waste, learners will develop transferable skills such as analysis, collaboration and reflection. With Arun, Sofia, Marcus and Zara as their companions, they will also gain a deeper understanding of the world, exploring different perspectives and becoming active global citizens. Get ready for an adventure that sparks imagination and empowers young minds.

Key features :

  • Projects based on Topics from the curriculum engage learners by focussing on areas they can relate to, such as family and education
  • 'Getting Started' section provides clear guidance and activities for a solid understanding of the upcoming project
  • Various activities included in each project, such as writing tasks, speaking tasks, drawing and poster making, keep lessons interesting and varied
  • Video and audio included to enrich the learner experience and model examples of useful words /question types
  • Write-in format, highlighted learning goals and reflection opportunities enable learners to record their experiences and help you track skills development
  • Relatable characters demonstrate activities and model key terminology to help learners build knowledge and apply new skills. Clearly defined learning goals and criteria help you work through the curriculum with confidence
  • An accessible language style, audio, a glossary and opportunities to practise English speaking skills make this resource ideal for second language learners
  • Vocabulary and key terms are a central focus of each project, helping learners build their understanding over time
  • Hands-on activities, such as conducting interviews, handmaking tasks and looking at maps, inspire learners to explore different perspectives and engage with their local environment.

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