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Help your learners develop the six skills of analysis, collaboration, communication, evaluation, reflection and research with the Cambridge Lower Secondary Global Perspectives Stage 7 Learner's Skills Book with Digital Access. This write-in resource comes complete with digital access via Cambridge GO and is adaptable to any Cambridge Global Perspectives™ topic, including 'Education for all' and 'Globalization'. Learners are encouraged to explore global issues on a local, national and global level whilst appreciating a variety of perspectives, helping them become well-rounded citizens of planet Earth. Suggested answers are available for teachers via Cambridge GO.

Key features :

  • A large collection of collaborative and independent activities help you track skill progression
  • Write-in format allows learners to record experiences and evaluate their learning
  • 'Showcasing your skills' sections offer useful tips and reflections about each skill to reinforce understanding with links to the Challenges
  • 'Prior learning' feature shows learner understanding through active learning activities
  • Peer feedback opportunities support learners to assess work of their peers, practice giving feedback, and measure themselves against the learning goals
  • Activities support learners to build awareness of/reflect on different perspectives on a topic
  • Each skill chapter split into 'Starting with', 'Developing' and 'Getting better at' to help students build skills in a gradual, effective way
  • Lively section openers introduce each skill area with suggested links to Challenges
  • Peer-to-peer and class discussion activities help facilitate debate.

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