Straightforward Beginner

Straightforward Beginner Student's Book + CD-Rom Pack

EAN : 9780230020764
Date de parution : 2007



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Straightforward is a new six-level series, based on observations of what good teachers do in the classroom.

Straightforward is ideal for teachers looking for a beginner to advanced general English course. It is flexible and simple to use, with 12 modern topics per level.

Straightforward is transparent in its structure, pragmatic in its methodology and varied in its content. Functional language lessons provide students with language that is useful for everyday life.
 Key Features
  • The Student's Book provides motivating content in a format that is easy for students to use.
  • All lessons include a balance of language and skills work, contextualized grammar activities, vocabulary exercises and functional language lessons, and the different sections on the page are clearly labelled so that students know exactly what they are focusing on at each moment.
  • 'Did you know’ sections increase students' intercultural awareness.
  • Communicative language abilities develop through a wide range of speaking tasks.
  • Includes a free multimedia CD-ROM for self-study.

The Workbook With Key contains

  • One-page practice closely linked to the lesson
  • A complete writing course with model texts and comprising practical writing tasks
  • Extra reading texts and activities for every unit
  • A Free Audio CD with dictation activities and audio of reading texts from the Workbook

The Teacher's Book provides teaching notes with extra, optional and alternative activities

Methodology builders with useful teaching ideas and tips

  • Photocopiable activities for every lesson
  • Editable tests on CD, which assess students' overall progress.

An Audio CD with songs and listening test material.

ISBN : 9780230020764
Date de parution : 2007