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Making Connections teaches an extensive range of reading skills and strategies in order to prepare students for college reading.

The series takes students from a high-beginner to an advanced level of academic reading skill proficiency. The series contains a strong focus on vocabulary-building, including teaching words from the Academic Word List. It emphasizes critical thinking and increased reading speed.

Key features :

  • Develop students’ skills and strategies for reading academic texts to help them succeed in college classes.
  • Expand students’ academic knowledge by teaching key academic words, including words from the Academic Word List. Students also develop understanding of synonyms, word families, and placing words into their correct context.
  • Each unit begins with detailed reading skills sections. The readings then provide opportunities for students to apply the reading skills just learned.
  • Plentiful post-reading vocabulary exercises, including ones on the Academic Word List develop students general and academic vocabulary.
  • Speed reading tasks throughout the books help students increase their reading speed so that they will be able to get through longer readings in college.
  • Multiple readings on the same content area in each unit create thematic units within a reading skills approach.
  • A longer final reading in each unit prepares students for university reading assignments. These readings in the new advanced level will be authentic texts written by experts in the unit’s academic discipline who are associated with top North American universities.
  • A dictionary-like glossary at the end of the book provides students with definitions and examples of all the target vocabulary. The glossary also indicates which words are AWL words.

Making Connections Second edition Level 1 Student's Book introduces first-time readers of academic text to basic reading strategies such as finding paragraph topics, finding supporting details and learning to read quickly. It features a variety of high interest topics including national borders, names, food, sleep, natural disasters, and music. Each student's book contains a single-use code for access to audio files of the readings in the CLMS.

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