Business one:one Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book

EAN : 9780194576437
Date de parution : 2007




The first business course written specifically for one-to-one teaching. With the innovative How to menu, students can identify their needs quickly and easily, and teachers can build a personalized syllabus that covers exactly what their student wants. - - Key features: • Learner-centred syllabus helps students and teachers work together to build a customized course. • Short lessons with communicative tasks means students use new language immediately. • Flexible, non-linear structure gives students freedom within each lesson so they can choose what they want to learn. • Fully-integrated MultiROM includes Listening Bank, Reading Bank, email framework, interactive grammar for practice between classes. • Lesson Record means students can record useful new language for their own reference. - - Teacher's Book, includes model answers for all writing tasks
ISBN : 9780194576437
Date de parution : 2007