Chit Chat 1 and 2

A two-level course that challenges young learners, developing skills in reading and writing as well as listening and speaking.

Key Features:

  • Chit Chat follows the same tried-and-tested syllabus of the popular Chatterbox course.
  • It is more grammatically organized than other primary courses. Children are encouraged to play with patterns in language to discover the basic elements of English grammar. Zany cartoon bugs help to make this fun.
  • Language is presented through the boys and girls of the 'Superstars' music band, in humorous but realistic contexts. Information about the band and their fans provides a model for children to write and talk about themselves.
  • The 'pop' style to the songs and chants recognizes that many pre-teens enjoy listening to pop music channels.
  • A comic-strip story in 12 parts, about the adventures of two friends who try to rescue a cave monster from a circus, captivates children and encourages reading. The comic strip format helps children both to follow the story and predict meaning.
  • Non-fiction texts and photographs promote cross-cultural awareness, giving 'snapshots' of life in English-speaking countries.
  • A review section after every three units consolidates and recycles the language that has been learnt.
  • Rich diversity is added to the course through classroom plays and a range of shared activities to celebrate Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

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